Bridge Cafe Beekeeping

On April 25, 2010 with the guidance of Andrew Cote, president of the New York City Bee Keepers Association and co-founder of Bees Without Borders, we placed six beehives on the roof of Bridge Cafe.
Our goal being:
1. To pollinate and help New York City flourish
2. To give bees a safe environment to survive and prosper
3. Hopefully our bees will reward us in kind with honey for our dishes!

For further information regarding our beekeeping efforts please contact:
Adam Weprin

Bees Without Borders is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate and train impoverished individuals and communities in beekeeping skills, and spread the value of beekeeping in poverty alleviation.
To that end Bees Without Borders:

  • Trains locals to teach beekeeping skills.
  • Identifies and assists beekeepers on a case-by-case basis, either through non-government organizations, private groups, beekeeping associations or individuals.
  • Gives financial assistance, training resources, and supplies to groups and associations so they can help their communities become self-sufficient.
  • Encourage people to eat local honey; after all, there is nothing better!

City dwellers swarm to urban beekeeping

Bridge Cafe bees on Radio Netherland Worldwide.

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